Data-Linc Group is the leading provider of industrial data communication solutions. Data-Linc designs and manufactures high performance, superior quality modems for a broad range of automation applications.

Data-Linc Group industrial modems offer unsurpassed data communication, seamless connectivity and unparalleled reliability between PLC, PC and RTU applications- even in extreme environments. From water/wastewater and oil/gas to industrial automation, Data-Linc Group makes the connection.

Our complete line of industrial grade modems and networking products provide reliable, robust data communications even in the most demanding environments.

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Data-Linc Products

Data-Linc develops the world's broadest line of industrial grade modems that provide exceptional data rates, data transmission ranges and the highest degree of data integrity even in the harshest environments. More Information


Data-Linc Industry Applications

Data-Linc Group provides data communication products for systems in Water/Wastewater, Oil and Gas, Power/Utilities and Materials Handling areas, we also have products that meet the needs of other industries. More Information


Data-Linc Support

Data-Linc Group offers unparalleled technical support and assistance in the selection of the best data communication product for your unique industrial application and in follow-up support. More Information