Acksys proposes a wide range of wireless equipments (WLAN) for industry and transportation fields relying on the Wifi IEEE 802.11 Standards (2.4 & 5 G Hz) and on the 900MHz unlicensed radio band for long range and non line-of-sight operation including: access points, bridges, bridges routers, repeaters, serial to wireless gateways, radio switches, packs for point-to-pont communications.

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Acksys Point-to-Point Solutions

Acksys hyperlen-pack is a solution to establish a high speed wireless ethernet link between buildings, CCTV Cameras, offshore platforms, etc.More Information


Acksys Multi-Functions Solutions

Acksys WLg-switch is a 3 in 1 combo solution, 8-port managed Ethernet Switch, 2.4/5 GHz Wi-fi Access point, 120W Power Injector designed for harsh industrial environments and automotive applications.More Information


Acksys Compact Industrial Solutions

Acksys Wlg-link module used in the access point mode makes it possible to create an industrial wireless network from any industrial equipment featuring a 10/100 Ethernet Interface. More Information