WWS Distribution

WWS Distribution is a premier value-added distributor which is actively supplying product & value-add to organisations ( B2B) throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East, & Indian Subcontinent. Our main distribution divisions include:

  1. Wired & Wireless Solutions
    (includes Ericsson, Alcatel, Ascom, Data-Linc, Belden, Hirschmann, Shyam)

  2. ACC [Ericsson Cordless Solutions] focuses on Ericsson wireless communications products

  3. A range of innovative medical electronics products

Wired & Wireless Solutions include telemetry, security, IP, Telecommunications, industrial and business applications, IT hardware & software systems.

We supply quality brand name products and innovative technologies at competitive prices, allowing you to increase your business efficiency and productivity. All of this with our professional personalised customer service.

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Wired & Wireless Solutions
Wired & Wireless Products
Wired & Wireless Maintenance
A division of WWS. Wired & Wireless distribute a wide range of products including business and industrial cordless phone systems, business telephones, conference units, industrial wireless units and residential telephones.
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Data-Linc Products
Data-Linc Industry Applications
Data-Linc Support
Distributed by WWS.Data-Linc develops the world's broadest line of industrial grade modems that provide exceptional data rates, data transmission ranges and the highest degree of data integrity even in the harshest environments.
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Ericsson User Group Products
Ericsson User Information
Ericsson User Group Support
Distributed by WWS. Express Service Network facilitates the coming together of Ericsson users with suitable products and services. More Information..


Hirschmann Products
Hirschmann Applications
Hirschmann Support
Distributed by WWS.Hirschmann Automation and Control offers Industrial Ethernet Products for all applications and transmitting media. Products include Hirschmann switches, video over ethernet, wireless LAN and network management solutions.
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People Safety
Duress Safety & Security Products
Asset Tracking
A division of WWS.DSS focuses on professional product in duress, man-down, lone worker, panic alarm, personnel location and surveillance tracking of people and assets in at-risk situations. More Information..


Tetra Network
Tetra Infrastructures
Tetra Handheld Products
Distributed by WWS. Provides secure and interoperable mobile networks, using TETRA and DMR technologies, which are destined to the Professional Mobile market. More Information


Sircom Premium Series
Sircom Control Solutions
Sircom Information Management System
Distributed by WWS. The SiRcom system house for warning and information systems was founded in 1993 by an expert team with many years of experience in advanced acoustical solutions, communication technologies and warning system design. More Information


Acksys Point-to-Point Solutions
Acksys Multi-Function Solutions
Acksys Compact Industrial Solutions
Distributed by WWS. ACKSYS proposes a wide range of wireless equipments for industry and transportation fields relying on the WiFi IEEE 802.11 standards and on the 900 MHz unlicensed radio band for long range and non-line-of-sight operation. More Information