WWS Achievements

We make available advanced technology & unit you to plan & implement.
Over the last 2 decades we have assisted thousands of organisations and we have developed dozens of new innovations and technologies. Our focus is on the application and supply of advanced, and proven technologies with a high level of value-add and customisation when necessary. Today we are still innovating and still servicing thousands of clients and their business needs across a wider area than ever.

Our 2 decades of achievements:

We developed advanced computing architectures in the early 80's.
We developed patented magnetic-assisted pulse power systems in 1985.
We helped develop the most powerful pulse laser light sources in Australia in 1987.
We put in one of the first Ethernet LANs and Ethernet hubs using 10base-t in 1990.
We installed amongst the first wireless LAN in Australia in 1992. Our first 2.4GHz wireless won a Government award.
We installed the first 5.8 GHz wireless E1 broadband link in the Southern Hemisphere.
In 2001 we introduced one of the most sophisticated VoIP systems to the Australasian market.
In 2001 our Training arm brought an advanced research-based stress management technology to the region.
In 2004 we launched what is probably the most advanced wireless monitoring & messaging systems in Australia.
We now offer some of the most advanced extreme performance wireless systems available.
In 2004 we launched our services in the Middle East. We provide advanced networking and high bandwidth wireless systems.
Some of our technologies are now available for use in explosive atmospheres-- advanced voice and data wireless systems.
In 2006 we introduced the first portable HRV monitor and learning system to Australia, New Zealand and Middle East.
In 2006 we won several significant contracts to provide advanced Wireless IT systems to govt and industry in Middle Eastern countries.
In 2007 we were advanced of 2 new global wirless technologies.
In 2008 We developed & released products the part of our ongoing PACCS Platform of wireless security & safety products
In 2009 We took on new wireless system as well as continued to develop new addition to the PACCS Platform.
In 2010 We commenced regional support for India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia.
We also developed & released new satellite & 3G wireless technology.
In 2011 became a user of our HP wireless technology. and we commenced supporting security companies around Australia & the mid

Our distributors resellers & integrators provide the equipment to:
  • Large industrial sites
  • Large multinational & government organisations
  • Public sector
  • Private sector
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Power, Utilities
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